Tracey Carney, CEO of Business and Finance, introducing the CMO 100 webinar, 2023

Celebrating the launch of the 2023 CMO 100 Index, published, Business & Finance Media Group hosted a webinar titled ‘Exploring key marketing trends for 2023’. Trends below are from the keynote presentation by Jerry Daykin, Head of Global Media at …

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here are many approaches to how business problems and challenges can be overcome.

Review the issues with your team, search the web for answers and ideas, buy a book off Amazon, talk to other business owners in your network.

One option is to discuss the issues with an independent business consultant or business mentor. Independence of advice is important, an external perspective adds something different. Objectivity in analysis is critical.

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Generally enterprises are growing across all sectors and industries, and businesses are adapting to changes in technology and the competitive environment.  Strains arising from family relationships gone sour, from business transfer decisions and subsequent disentanglements from the business, and from the lack of detailed succession planning to NextGen – are all evident.

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