Celebrating the launch of the 2023 CMO 100 Index, published Businessandfinance.com, Business & Finance Media Group hosted a webinar titled ‘Exploring key marketing trends for 2023’.

Trends below are from the keynote presentation by Jerry Daykin, Head of Global Media at Beam Suntory, to top Marketers in Ireland. Jerry has written a book entitled “Inclusive Marketing”.


Daykin discussed his work in inclusive marketing. “Trying to talk diversity, trying to talk inclusion, is no longer a side hustle,” he said.

“It’s the heart of what we need to do in our businesses. If we’re looking for growth, we need to look for new audiences, we know that people want to shop the brands, talk to them, represent them.”

Book by Jerry Dawkin, Inclusive Marketing
Book by Jerry Dawkin, Inclusive Marketing

Trend Number 1 from Margins to Mainstream

#1 Marketers are recognising the power of Diversity, and groups on the Margins are now the Mainstream. Listen to Influencers and Taste Makers.

Trend Number 2 Conscious Media Investment

#2 A move to conscious media investment. Marketers are not only concerned with the digital reach of their spend, but are aware of the quality of the Media where the content is placed.

Trend Number 3 Privacy First

#3 It is a privacy first world. Challenge is to build a database of connected consumers in a hyperlocalised world?

Number 4 Beware of the Hype

#4 Beware of the Hype trends, NFTs are one true example, whetre value has disappeared. What’s the next hyped up trend to be wary of?

Trend Number 5 Effect of AI on SEO?

#5 Effect of AI on SEO. What will happen to Search when queries are not answered by usual content, but by AI software like ChatGpt? How will this be exploited by Google? Will Google rank first it’s own AI derived content.

CMO 100 Webinar of Key Marketing Trends

The event focused on topics such as quantity to quality, the shift within the marketing mix, the importance of community and customer experience, and more.

Moderator Karen Carter, Director of Enterprise Marketing, Europe at Cvent joined panellists Siobhan Smith, Senior Global Marketing Manager at ExpleoTara Collins, CMO of National Broadband IrelandConor O’Donavan, Head of Global Communications, Strategic Marketing & Events at Enterprise Ireland and Cliona Hayes, Director of Global Brand & Advertising at Indeed.

Photo of Tracey Carney, MD of Business and Finance, introducing the event.

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