Starting a New Business in Ireland in 2021 - YES!

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Starting a New Business in Ireland in 2021 - YES!
Learning from failure is often a pre-requisite for Starting a Business

Welcome to the idea of starting a business

Despite the disruptions of the pandemic, many individuals are planning to start a business this year. In fact because of the disruptions, individuals are exploring self-employment and reviewing the potential of their side hustles. As an experienced Business Adviser I assist many on their journey.

Billy Linehan & Celtar

  • Advised 60 start-up, early stage & well established businesses last year, 2020
  • Varied sectors, from tech to hospitality to ecommerce
  • Each entrepreneur is unique, brings their own skills/knowledge/experience and ambition
  • Advice and guidance is customised to meet your needs
  • Depth of advice varies, it is never One Size fits All!
  • Aim of impartial advice, is to progress your business – to save you time, and money

Before we meet and talk, have a look at these resources which I recommend to many clients.

 Starting a Business in Ireland

The government run Citizens Information website is great for accessing information about setting up. Here is the link which describes Sources of information on starting a business in Ireland.


And here is more information on self-employment, and the process of registering as self-employed.

Creating value for people, the essence of business & social enterprise

Other sources of information is a business website from one of the major Irish banks, Bank of Ireland. Don’t be surprised if their products are promoted. Quality of some of the content is good, but it does vary. This is a one page list of resources for starting and growing your business Resources

Starting or growing your business in 2021? Here’s a guide to grants, allowances, accelerators and development programmes in Ireland. Including everything from COVID-19 business supports to business angel initiatives. Thinkbusiness Help!

Links to other Starting a Business Articles

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