Billy Linehan of Celtar Advisers

Billy Linehan, Adviser and Consultant at Celtar Advisers, approaches advising as a collaborative journey. With a career spanning London and Ireland, he’s supported over one thousand managers and small business owners, he offers adaptability and creativity in problem-solving.

It Takes Two

Billy’s satisfaction comes from working collaboratively, where he and the client add to each other’s knowledge to create innovative strategies. His toolkit is filled with proven solutions, he values the client’s industry expertise, adding his own knowledge and experience resulting in making fruitful conversations.

Beyond Networking

Networking is intrinsic to Billy’s mentorship. His diverse connections often lead to new opportunities, partnerships, and valuable insights. Beyond mentoring, he’s an environmentalist and involved in his local community, fostering a personal connection with many clients.

Quality Advice and Guidance

In advice sessions, Billy follows a systematic and diagnostic approach, akin to a medical GP. Referrals when necessary to specialists within the enterprise support ecosystem showcase his depth of knowledge across various business domains. Quality advice is paramount, monitored through client feedback and continuous learning to stay at the forefront of industry developments.

Continual Learning and Development

His commitment goes beyond mentoring sessions. Regular training, digital marketing expertise, and staying in touch through planned activities ensure he remains relevant. As a mentor, his qualities – industry knowledge, business acumen, active listening, and ethical integrity – guide businesses towards long-term success.

StartUp Ballymun

Billy is co-founder of StartUp Ballymun, an annual event funded by Dublin City Council that serves as a platform for entrepreneurs and start-ups, providing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and showcasing innovative ideas. It typically involves connecting successful entrepreneurs with support networks, agencies, and stakeholders, fostering a supportive environment for local businesses to thrive. The event aims to stimulate entrepreneurship, encourage community engagement, and contribute to the economic development of Ballymun and the greater Dublin region.

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