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Where to get the best business advice?


New Enterprise Ireland team to aid potential exporters in the Irish Times today http://t.co/xwATN3Wl

Another positive initiative from Enterprise Ireland arising out of the Jobs Action Plan BUT one influential group is often ignored in supporting EI activities to stimulate economic growth – professional business advisers.

 These are professional and certified business consultants and other professional services advisers who assist companies in determining – and attaining –  their strategic goals.

Most leading management and business consultants in Ireland are members of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers, see www.IMCA.ie . Many hold the internationally recognised CMC* accreditation. These trusted advisors are often left out of the loop regarding building growth orientated SMEs, and they are ready and able to play their part in turning around our economy.

I suggest that accessing business consultants from overseas does not guarantee better quality support (and contributes to economic displacement).

“If you want quality business advice, go to professional business consultants, who have  indepth experience in offering practical solutions.”

Volunteer business mentors with no training, codes of professional conduct and no consultant insurance cover are not the answer for Enterprise Ireland, local chambers and other business development organisations.

“You pay for what you get” as one client remarked to me.

If you wish to access expert business consultants anywhere in Ireland check out www.IMCA.ie . On the site you can search for consultants by area of expertise, or make a general enquiry.

Billy Linehan, CMC 

[email protected] 

*CMC, Certified Management Consultant, accreditation from the International Council of Management Institutes, see www.icmci.org