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There are c. 200,000 family owned businesses in Ireland.

Recently I was contacted with a query on support for family businesses, and it led me to think about the many family owned companies we work with in Celtar. The high proportion of our family business clients is not surprising.

Family owned and managed businesses have their own unique characteristics, a shared history and experience, loyalty and deep commitment.

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It will take a while to absorb this integrated list of actions on creating jobs announced today by the Coalition government.
And as a supplier to the county and enterprise boards I am interested in what is going to replace them, and when.

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Celtar are proud to be project managing the second Your Business Day event on Friday, 9th of December 2011 in the Science Gallery, Pearse Street.

” We are delighted to be part of this major initiative from Greg Swift, Liam Barry and the team at DCEB” says Billy Linehan of Celtar, “already seeing the lineup it has been called the small business version of the Dublin Web Summit!”

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It’s been said that if you want to recruit good sales people “hire optimists”. Working with many sales managers over the years, we have debated what makes a “good” sales rep many times.

Here’s a look on the right behaviours for sales people – and the wrong behaviours!

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Rewards, ask not what the company can do for me?
A characteristic of motivated companies is how they use remuneration and reward strategies to align the goals of people with those of the company.
At Celtar we observe that in many organisations staff are rewarded for average performance.

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