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Work experience for new graduates



Work placement programmes from FAS and IBEC

 These programmes from FAS and IBEC appear to be similar except for the branding. The IBEC Gradlink is open only to companies who are IBEC or SFA members. Whilst the FAS scheme is open to all companies and  offers a work placement programme for non graduates as well as graduates.

 Eligble graduates who have signed on for at least 3 months would continue to receive their social welfare benefits while participating in the programme, and there is no cost to a company.

Unlike other government initiatives for business, companies of all sizes may participate.

There is no specific minimum but the recommended period is about nine months

 Looking at the information available on both sites there is no information on prospective employers on the FAS website, and the IBEC site gives more information including  a profile of each participating company. (The FAS website is very clunky and an update is well overdue). 

See details

on FAS scheme www.fas.ie/en/WPP/

on IBEC Gradlink  www.ibec.ie/GradLink

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