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Vote Yes for Europe, Vote Yes for Lisbon, Celtar votes YES!


There is no real choice . . . . . . vote YES to show our commitment to a shared ambition for the citizens of Europe

Yes, I am strongly in favour of voting YES in the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in early October.


In no particular order

– the Irish people have benefited from being members of the European Union through


Q. Is the European Union perfect? A. Far from it, but what are the options for a small island economy/country which has to gain it’s income from exporting. There is not a large enough economic base in Ireland.

Q.  Can we vote NO and still be part of the EU? Yes, but voting NO demonstrates our lack of commitment to the EU for the future. It shows selfishness in that we have gained much, why should the other newer members not gain in the future?

Q. Declan Ganley appears reasonable in his comments, doesn’t he?  I have no time for this guy; he parachuted into the last referendum with undisclosed financial backing, lost an election to the European parliament and then vowed not to be involved again. And he’s back.

His agenda is unclear, seems partly libertarian, certainly he holds a US type of right wing ideology, and is anti everything that the EU does to develop as a political and economic bloc of states. Possibly he sees the US (under Bush) as the leader of the free world and free market and does not care for a different world vision portrayed by Europe? By accident he is Irish by birth, by conviction he carries a US inspired ideological banner, by attitude he is anti European.

Q. And the other opponents COIR, PANA, Socialist Party, Sinn Fein etc.? A. they could be described as the jetsam and flotsam of all sides of the political spectrum. All posing the “when did you stop beating your wife” question to create doubt and distrust about the EU, and none of them describing what their real agendas are. None are pro European and all share a Euroskeptic (though very different!) perspective.


For further illumination see Mick O’Leary’s statement of the facts as he sees them on this entertaining video


 Billy Linehan of Celtar management consultants, 15 September 2009

Business mentor and adviser to owners of SMEs, mostly. Contributor to Irish Tech News. Searching for truth in the news.

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  • Jean-Pierre
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    Jean-Pierre Jean-Pierre


    I could understand Irish voters are anxious. In France we were at the first vote with a no result. Second time, deputies vote yes for us. That was done. No fear for jobs, they are gone a long time ago to China.
    Practically, Lisbon Treaty give us a lot a good things.


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