SFA “offers best business investment in 2010”!

These events are styled as a Bootcamp for small businesses but they’re far from it – “Ireland’s leading brands” are being given an opportunity to sell to the small business sector.

In other words it is a masquerade where a “masterclass in best practice” is really an opportunity for 5 of the nations largest companies to have a sales pitch to important target markets.

I hope the SFA is making a mint from their brand partners, so that they can put on more meaningful events for myself and other members.

Will I go?

Yes, surprisingly. I will be there to network and take advantage of the event to make a few sales pitches of my own.



Starting today, in 18 locations nationwide over the next 6 weeks. see the hype for yourself at www.betterbusiness.ie




Billy Linehan is MD of Celtar management consultants

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