Endorsements – a selection!

As business advisers we work with business owners and directors, gaining experience and understanding across several industries and sectors.

Feedback from clients is always welcome, it demonstrates our capabilities and track record. We learn from working with you and share our knowledge with others.


It was a pleasure to work with Billy. His great knowledge of the market and attention to detail have aided in helping me to set up a new company. Billy was supportive and helpful in resolving problematic business issues. He is not only thorough, but also easy and pleasant to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. Billy is great in identifying complex problems and implementing solutions. I felt comfortable working with Billy as he communicated complex issues in a clear manner. I am confident in recommending Billy to anyone who needs an intelligent, reliable and honest business mentor. Marta Alicja Biczkowska Psychologist


I’d like to recommend Billy Linehan as an advisor to SME’s based on my experience with him. His experience is very helpful to start-ups such as SocialMedia.ie .
I look forward to working with Billy again in the near future and thank him for his contribution to date. Conor Lynch  Connector.ie


Billy has provided valuable support and advice to my business over the past few years being actively involved in decisions relating to its growth and performance.
He has a wealth of ideas and in depth business experience. I would highly recommend him. Chrisy MacLeod MD Fashion Agencies


I worked with Billy on business planning and setting objectives. He has been very helpful in offering insights and practical advice. And in helping me become a better manager & business leader. Yinka Martin CEO www.hairweavon.com 


Billy Linehan of Celtar business consultants facilitated the development of a new strategic plan for our company.
He worked with us in a time of challenge and change and shared a framework for long term business planning, aligning company objectives with departmental & staff goals. He identified critical business issues to target as part of the strategic review and together we developed a growth plan for the business.
Billy has provided excellent advice to the directors of Alan Caren and Partners Ltd (Property, Facilities & Building Consultancy specialists), and we recommend his services to other growing companies. Walter MacDonough Propert Management Specialist


I run an adventure travel company called Earth’s Edge – www.earths-edge.com. Billy helped me implement a much stronger structure and plan to my business and has given us a much sharper focus. I highly recommend his skills to any start up or existing company that requires a strategic review. James McManus MD www.earthsedge.com


Billy was hired by Dublin Food Cooperative twice to facilitate our AGM and EGM when I was a Director and Chairman of the Board. As a niche, voluntary and very opiniated group of organic, vegetarian and environmental consumers with a history of disparate decision making, Billy resolved all inter-personal conflicts in preparation of and on the night of the event efficiently, whilst delivering the AGM/EGM timetable on time, with the results achieved in a most personable, fair and reasonable way. All motions were heard, anyone wanting to speak got a fair chance, and no-one felt left out. It empowered our decision making and it delivered the first ever member’s satisfaction survey of our AGM/EGM proceedings, which we were able to feed into the following year’s of business. As a nice and empathic touch, Billy took part payment for his service in kind by coming to shop in the Coop, and participate in the community. I would recommend Billy to anyone in any kind of situation, as he has the generalist and specialist skills to apply where required and make the problems understandable, and more important, communicable. Our only mistake is that we were not able to hook him for a continuing Director, Chair or managing/advisory role. As the Coop is still thriving through the current recession following a good move to owning their own premises, that may still happen! Roeland Van Elsen


“We have used Billy as a business management consultant on a regular basis since October 2003. He has helped bring structure and efficiency to the company with the systems and ideas he has introduced. The company has grown greatly since 2003 and Billy’s advice has played a significant part in this.” Brendan Lynch, www.Filtrex.ie


“Billy’s consultancy service and advice has been invaluable to me personally and to my company for a number of years now. We use Billy to advise and coach on almost all aspects of our business and development. Billy is, without doubt, a great asset and we have no hesitation in recommending him for the services he provides.” Managing Director, specialist building contractors


“Billy has a deep knowledge base and continually uses this knowledge to challenge existing systems and thought processes in Imagine. This allows us to improve how we operate as a business. Billy has been a valuable asset to myself and Imagine as a whole.” Jonny Davis, www.imagine-online.ie


Billy really helped me to understand the concepts of setting up a business and expertly guided me through the necessary steps to writing a successful business plan.
As a consultant, I must say that Billy showed his worth by showing me how to set realistic goals for the future while helping me to understand my early stage start up business position.
Overall I was happy with how Billy helped to ease the burden of knowing what next steps to take, consultation after consultation, and would be very pleased to have his provided service again in the future. Gavin Conway, Director Performance Prototypes Ltd.   http://www.performanceprototypes.ie/


“I started to work with Billy and Celtar at the start of 2011 and have found it to be a worthwhile decision. Billy has expert knowledge in many areas of business from people management through to sales and marketing strategies. His variety and depth of expertise is ideal for directors of growing SMEs, and Billy has provided sound advice on a consistent basis. Introducing me to other experts in digital marketing and PR has saved our company time and money. We plan to continue working with Billy to further develop and grow Fit for Life in the coming years. Mark Sweeney, Managing Director http://fitforlifeireland.squarespace.com/ 





“I worked with Billy during my first 2 years as a start up setting up Leap Frog Solutions. Billy has been an excellent business mentor to me and given me sound advice on building a business from scratch in the early days, through to managing the challenges of a growing business. His greatest strength is in his ability to challenge my thinking and provide honest feedback and suggestions on how to improve.”  Sinead Crokewww.leapfrogsolutions.org


 “Being an owner manager and having Billy available to advise and challenge on key issues has proved invaluable to the company’s strategic development. His professional and honest business mentoring has made a significant contribution to our company’s growth over the last three years.”   Derek McGlynn,  www.soundproductions.ie


 The work that Billy did for us was thorough, systematic, and well managed.  It did prove valuable to have an ‘outsider’ – someone who was independent, to carry out this work.” David Gee, Director of Business Link 4 London, www.bl4london.com


  “Billy is showing us a clear path for growing the business by addressing our concerns and assisting us in performance improvements which will support the strategic objectives of the firm”. Partner in solicitor’s firm


“Billy introduced new concepts and ways of dealing with operational issues, which have lead to changes in our business and business management. He took a holistic view of the organisation and analysed with us the weaknesses in functions and roles within the company.  He assisted us in bringing the company to a higher level of management and professionalism”.  Director, IT security consultancy


 We have worked with Billy for a number of years and would highly recommend him as a business consultant. He tells you things you need to hear rather than things you might like to hear. He has definitely had a major positive influence on our business.” Daragh Fogarty www.fogartybelting.com
  “Billy was really enthusiastic, but he warned us that we needed to get a better grip of the details.  We realised that we had to do more than just talk the talk; we had this great idea, but it was just an idea.  We had to build this site and start approaching people before we could speculate on how our users, clients and income might grow.” Ciara Traynor, Tech startup