10 articles in 2011

Celtar are proud to be project managing the second Your Business Day event on Friday, 9th of December 2011 in the Science Gallery, Pearse Street.

” We are delighted to be part of this major initiative from Greg Swift, Liam Barry and the team at DCEB” says Billy Linehan of Celtar, “already seeing the lineup it has been called the small business version of the Dublin Web Summit!”

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How to Get Started, Implement and Deliver Results
in a very difficult environment.

I see that change management consultants Eddie Molloy, Ian Kierans and the Advanced Organisation team are holding a new training programme for senior managers in the coming months.

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It is said that the essence of selling is understanding your customer’s needs, and convincing him or her that you’re the best supplier to meet their requirements.

I’ll add – that to sell you need to be in an optimistic frame of mind, seeing opportunities for the customer and for yourself in each sale.

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It’s been said that if you want to recruit good sales people “hire optimists”. Working with many sales managers over the years, we have debated what makes a “good” sales rep many times.

Here’s a look on the right behaviours for sales people – and the wrong behaviours!

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