Websummit 2014 is on! Guerilla mentoring is here!


As well as attending the 2014 websummit in Dublin over the next 3 days, I will be offering free #guerillamentoring to any startups who are interested.


Tweet me @billylinehan so we can connect and arrange to have a coffee together.


Starting a business in Ireland? You might be interested in an objective view of the range of government supports, which ones make sense for your business at this stage?


Like all countries there are a plethora of supports for startups, most of value to specific groups BUT at the right place and more importantly at the right time. Some programmes are PR driven, whether supported by public or private sectors.


Me, I specialise in offering strategic planning through workshops, cooperative business plans &  business planning and practical business mentoring.

Enjoy the summit!


Celtar business and management consultants



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