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4 Myths of Entrepreneurship, and Ireland


With the advent of the most hyped web summit to date, it  is worth reflecting – based on solid research elsewhere – on the support for entrepreneurs and ‘ordinary’ businesses in Ireland.

Probably one of the most intelligent sources of research on entrepreneurship that I have come across in recent years emanates from the Kaufmann Foundation based in Kansas City, USA, says Billy Linehan of Celtar.


Dane Stangler of Kaufmann delights in challenging all of us in the enterprise support community – and Enterprise Ireland in our local context – by demolishing commonly held assumptions about

– small business and job creation

– the typical age range of successful entrepreneurs

– why governments and local authorities should stop trying to copy and re-create mini ‘Silicon Valleys’

– and that incubation centres are NOT effective in launching early-stage companies


I love this animated sketchbook, see it at




“There are several areas in which I think our research and the research of those we fund has been making headway in, if not disproving, at least pushing back against conventional wisdom or what turn out to be myths,” Stangler says in the three-minute animated video.

“Myth-busting Entrepreneurship,” notes four commonly held beliefs and attempts to set the record straight.





Stangler concludes by acknowledging the importance of harvesting more research to uncover myths and propose constructive alternatives.

State agencies, colleges and state funded quangos in Ireland must continually review their enterprise development policies, justify their expenditure and demonstrate on our behalf the return of their investments .


See more about the foundation at www.kauffman.org


Billy Linehan is MD of Celtar, business advisers, Ireland



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