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Welcome to the web blog of Celtar, a management consultancy company based in Dublin, Ireland .The MD, Billy Linehan, is a business adviser and professional business mentor. How we meet your needsProjects• Assisted company “in recovery” from recent years of poor sales, new focus on strategy – and how to implement it• Chair and act as secretary of monthly management meetings• Introduce staff centred performance management systems, train managers • Advise MD on board matters, and communicating with shareholders• Train management team on “High Performance”

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The 5 attributes of enduring family businesses

    The keys to long-term success are professional management and keeping the family committed to and capable of carrying on as the owner, state the authors of a  a recent article on McKinsey.com.  The family business is an interesting model of a company with it’s own characteristics, inbuilt strengths and inbuilt weaknesses. The [...]