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StarUpBallymun Autumn event


4pm  Free business mentoring provided by experienced mentors of LEO Dublin City
Drop-in, no booking required

5.20  Presentation on the Online Trading Vouchers initiative, €2,500 grants available to small businesses to create new websites and utilise digital technology

5.40  Panel of 6 guest speakers, presentations by five businesses and one social enterprise on how technology is embraced in  their enterprises

6.40  Question & Answer session

7.00  Networking and refreshments

7.30  End

On the lookout for the Digital Wave?      Thanks for use of cartoon businessillustrator.com

Growing your business in a digital world – what small business need to know…about “digital transformation”!


Everybody’s at it or should be, #digitaltransformation is springing up as the strategic topic of the year in conferences and consultancy Insights all over. Digital natives mostly take it for granted, but what’s it all about?

“Digital transformation is about reimagining a business in the digital world. Or, if “reimagining” is too grand a vision, a more modest interpretation is simply: trying to survive in a digital world.”


@StartupBallymun is holding a FREE digital business event on the 26th of October in the Civic Centre, located on Main Street, Ballymun, Dublin. “We are again delighted to support this initiative” says business adviser Billy Linehan of Celtar, “there are 6 excellent companies, 6 leaders who are more than willing to share their experience.”

The objective of the event is to demonstrate the benefits of using a variety of cloud services and applications, which when combined, offer a competitive business model and a platform for future growth.

A panel of 6 speakers will share their experiences of digital change with you, the story of their digital journey.

Speakers include

“Big data is nothing if you can’t use it. Our clients make
well-informed, performance-driven decisions
based on Olytico insights.”

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Elaine and her co-founder Jenny have been selling their cookies around Ireland and now have their very own cookie shop in The Liberties, Dublin 8. Here you will find tonnes of freshly baked cookies, milk in fun flavours, ready-to-bake cookie dough and speciality teas and coffee. With the best jobs in the world and the nicest customers around, Jenny and Elaine see bright skies ahead for The Dublin Cookie Company.

Blossom Ireland is a social enterprise based in north Dublin providing therapy led summer camps for children with intellectual disabilities aged 8 to 18. Auveen describes a new service  Blossom Buddies “it’s about enabling our teenagers with intellectual disabilities to nurture real friendships and promote independence away from parents & siblings socially.”

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The Local Enterprise Office for Dublin City, part of Dublin City Council@LEODublinCity are supporting  the event and will be promoting the Trading Online Vouchers website grants scheme on the day.

The Irish Digital Registry  are supporting the event @IEDR_dot_ie 


To book this free event and find out more, see  https://startupballymun.eventbrite.com 


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Check out the IE DR’s Ireland’s Internet Day https://www.internetday.ie/  and blog 



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This event is organised by Liam Barry of the Ballymun Civic Alliance  and of Dublin City Council , the event project manager is business mentor Billy Linehan of Celtar business consultants

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