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Advice for new advisers


Service for new business mentors, new business consultants and new management consultants


Frequently, I am asked for advice from individuals thinking about setting up as independent management consultants. What  is the market for consultancy, how can I tap into it?

You have years of relevant experience and hard won skills that you would like to share with other leaders and managers of organisations.

But where to start?

You can find your own way over several months, lots of coffee meetings and networking – and wasted effort.

Or to fast track your progress into consultancy we are offering a short programme – where questions will be answered, information shared AND you will learn what it entails to be a consultant in Ireland today.

Your questions answered

Your target clients

Based on your needs 

Recognising your learnt expertise, seniority and experience, this programme is delivered one-to-one. There is no fixed course; you select the topics that interest you from the list above (suggest topics that are missing).

Fees are upfront, discount offer for Spring 2016

A “startup” session of up to 2 hours is €150 plus VAT of 23% when prepaid.

We promise

That all your questions will NOT be answered

BUT you will gain valuable information and guidance that will fast track your consultancy career.

Your business mentor

Billy Linehan has over 20 years experience as a business adviser and business adviser manager. Five years a Board Director of the Institute of Management Consultancy and Advisers, he was accredited as a Certified Management Consultant, CMC, in 2003.

He holds a unique view of the professional business advisory sector, and has held a variety of roles such as “Business Adviser, Business Counsellor, and Business Adviser Manager”. In London he managed a team of 40 business consultants, and had previously run a business start-up centre in Hoxton Street, Shoreditch.

Currently as well as advising business owners through the Celtar consultancy practice, he offers business mentoring to clients of the Dublin City LEO, Enterprise Ireland and Intertrade Ireland.

For more on Billy see  http://ie.linkedin.com/in/billylinehan


Common sense fees are charged depending on the level of support required.

(number of “conversations for action”, via meetings, Skype, phone and email)

Sign up now by ringing Billy on 086 608 6991 or emailing billy.linehan@celtar.ie

Thanks for your interest, and good luck in your consulting career

Business mentor and adviser to owners of SMEs, mostly. Contributor to Irish Tech News. Searching for truth in the news.

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