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Billy is an Accredited Management consultant by the CMC

CELTAR Business Advisers

Welcome to our website, Celtar business consultants/advisers/mentors/coaches  located in Dublin, Ireland.

Celtar is led by Billy Linehan.

What we offer you!

Advice on starting & growing a business

Guidance on what supports are available

Direction, the steps to take to save you time & cash in realising your ambitions

How we  do it? Business needs & Business wants

We focus on meeting the needs of owners and managers of small businesses, offering independent advice on

  • Strategic planning, review & anaylse, pinpoint opportunities, plan & implement
  • Business planning (is an ongoing conversation), short term and long term planning
  • People  management (hire/train/perform/develop)
  • Succession planning (MDs moving to Chair role, family business succession, business owner exit plans, career planning)
  • Consultancy projects (startup events, small business engagement, design of enterprise support programmes, delivery of enterprise support programmes)
  • New service “under development”, EcoAudit for smaller enterprises starting the sustainability journey

Who we are?

Billy is the main adviser at Celtar, an experienced business mentor who has worked with hundreds of business owners.

Billy is a Certified Management Consultant, and Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers (IMCA).


Confidential & independent

No ties with third parties or government agencies, no information shared with third parties


All our team members are high-qualified, educated and skilled consultants & business mentors. 

Access to business networks

Introductions to business networks created over 20 years, state agencies, business associations and startup ecosystem.


Certified Management Consultant & Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers, Ireland


In twenty years we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of business owners and leaders of organisations, large and small.

The list below demonstrates the range of our experience in different industries and sectors where companies have been assisted in overcoming challenges and in exploiting new opportunities.


  • IT services
  • Software development
  • Software services


  • Specialist contracting
  • Building materials
  • Quarry blasting
  • Professional audio systems

Voluntary sector

  • Cooperatives
  • Charities
  • Sports clubs

Creative & media

  • Marketing communications
  • Design services

Distribution & retail

  • Fashion Agencies


  • Fabrication
  • Building products
  • Engineering
  • Joinery
  • Renewable energies biomass systems
  • Materials handling
  • Conveyor belting (fabrication & installation)

Professional services

  • Legal
  • Accountancy
  • Environmental consulting
  • Architecture practices
  • Management consulting
  • Recruitment
  • Health & safety
  • Property management
  • Facilities management

Other services

  • Travel operators
  • Leisure services
  • Wellness
  • Bloodstock services
  • Healthcare

Public sector

  • Development agencies
  • Specialist SME support
  • Area partnerships
  • County Enterprise Boards
  • Local Entrerprise Offices
  • Intertrade Ireland

Learning & development

  • Private colleges
  • Distance Learning
  • Management development centres
  • Language learning platform

Cultural industries

  • Furniture & jewellery design
  • Craft foods
  • Artists & studios
  • Fashion design
  • Entertainment & leisure


  • Freight forwarding
  • Taxi firms