What a time we live in! COVID-19 has brought challenges to all business owners in their enterprises and their personal lives. At Celtar business consultants we have experience of working through recessions (1980s, early 1990s, 2008 and now 2020) so we share a longer term view with clients.

What’s new?
What is different now from previous recession events?
– recession is sharper, lockdown came quick
– a pandemic brings public health considerations like social distancing which drastically affects the way we live, work and do business
– everything is digital, people are working from home, most small businesses have a web presence and are utilising several aspects of web technology.
– in Ireland the government has been responsive and put in place a range of supports for enterprises, and specific ones for small businesses (see LEO Dublin City for example). The online trading voucher scheme has encouraged many businesses to establish a better online presence, digital literacy is increasing.
– government schemes are encouraging businesses to retain staff & are paying laid-off staff emergency COVID-19 payments, keeping them available for a return to work

As in the previous recession, revenue in our consultancy business declines as our clients become less economically active. We continue to offer business advice and consultancy to all , so are kept busy.


Luckily we have a few clients who are exceptionally busy – right place, right time. And we continue involvement in LEO mentoring, Business Continuity Voucher consultancy and via the MentorsWork programme from the SFA & Skillnet Ireland.
Busy doing what we like to do – building on the strengths of small companies, working with resilient business owners to survive and grow.
#flattenthecurve #smallbusiness #CrushTheCurve

Billy Linehan