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Probably more British and Northern Ireland based companies access Irish tender opportunities then the other way round. To balance this I offer you information on “Supply2.gov.uk” a tender site designed to increase access to public sector tenders in the UK.


The amount of time many businesses are allocating to tendering is increasing, and many more companies are finding new markets through tendering. Competition is fierce and I have heard from managers in several industries how foreign firms are taking advantage of our cost base by offering highly competitive bids for work.



Supply2.gov.uk is a UK government-backed initiative that focuses on lower-value public sector contracts (typically worth under £100,000).


Developed by the Enterprise Directorate (ED), part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Office of Government

Commerce (OGC), Supply2.gov.uk enables organisations across the UK public sector to publicise their lower-value contract notices and, for the first time, all types of businesses have access to these contract opportunities in a single location.


Supply2.gov.uk provides the business (particularly small business) community with all the contract information and support services they need to compete and be successful in the public sector contract arena. The site is the focus of the British government’s initiative to make available to the business community contracts under the value of £100,000.


Supply2.gov.uk provides registrants with free online access to search lower-value contracts in Britain and Northern Ireland and allows suppliers to benefit from notification of the latest lower-value and high-value (OJEU) contract notices, via the Contract Alert service in their local area, free of charge.


The user guide can be accessed at http://www.supply2.gov.uk/pdfs/s2g_Userguide_2010.pdf .


You are welcome to email me billy.linehan@celtar.ie for the short 6 pages guide to winning public contracts from the UK “Supply National SME engagement programme” .  

Please forward this information to colleagues who will be interested.

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